Why Pink Slip Gourmet?

Hi!  My name is Lee Wedeberg, and I'm thrilled you are here.  Pink Slip Gourmet started in 2008 when the financial crisis hit and the hedge fund I worked for was no longer in need of many of its employees (including me). After a couple months of looking for a job, it dawned on me that I would rather wake up every morning and be elbow-deep in dough than spend my day in an office building. So, I took the plunge by starting my own personal chef business and aptly naming it Pink Slip Gourmet.  It took being handed a literal "pink slip" to find my dream career, and I'm so lucky I did.  

After a year in Paris at culinary school and working in a restaurant there, my husband and I brought home a French souvenir that was the first of three children.  My business took a hiatus while I got through the trenches of three young kids, and now I'm back to provide Dallas with delicious baked goods, fun cooking classes and gourmet dinner parties.  Bon 

Pink Slip Gourmet



Lee Wedeberg


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