Real Heroes Wear Masks

There is a shortage of medical grade masks available to the medical personnel in this country. COVID-19 has stunned the US and is overwhelming the supplies of our hospitals and healthcare centers. 

Not only is COVID-19 affecting our health care but it is hitting us hard financially. This fundraising effort is helping in two ways - one we are creating medical grade masks (not compliant but better than just cotton!) and we are creating income for the refugee community here in Dallas.

Thanks to the women that worked with Paula Minnis and GAIA Empowered Women ( and the donation of fabric from the shuttered clothing store Little Bean we are able to make masks. 
The masks are made with woven cotton and lined in polypropylene - a non woven filtration fabric that is breathable and used in medical grade masks. 

Masks are being donated to anyone and any place that needs them in our community and, in the further reach, of medical centers that are in need. Our fundraising will directly pay for the team of refugee women and their skills and time in creating the masks.

Please join my friends Nicolette Lamont and Bianca Watson along with Paula Minnis in raising the funds to help create the masks for those in need and an income for those in need during these difficult times.

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